China Good Aluminum Round Open Window – China Arched Windows, Half Circle Window


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China Good Aluminum Round Open Window

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Aluminum Alloy






Heat Insulation, Soundproof, Anti-Theft, Airproof, Insect-proof, Dust-proof, Decoration

Decoration, Heat Insualtion, Good View.



Imported Top Quality Red Oak Wood for Interior

Custome Made

Custome Made

German Brand Environmental Water-Base Painting

German Origin Made Brand Roto/Siegenia Hardware

Fully Tempered 5/12A/5 Insulation Glass; Low-E

High Quality EPDM or Silicone Sealant

Ce Certified/Tested in Accordance with Nfrc

Multi-Layers Protection Packaging

Free Sample Available

DW-Aluminum Casement Windows

Wooden Crate+Air Bubble Film+Paper Angle Protector

Custom made

Beijing China(Mainland)


We doorwin has revolutionized the energy efficient windows by various components such as the glass, frame and hardware what make our window energy efficient.

Those components that provide substantial protection from heat gain and heat loss and reduce the energy consumed by the whole building are considered energy efficient.

Double glazed windows

An ideal energy efficient solution is to reduce all forms of heat transfer. Double glazing is considered the vehicle for all high-performance windows, in climates hot, cold and mixed. When combined with low-e glass on at least one pane and argon gas in between, double glazing provides the best thermal performance. U-values as low as 1.8 are possible, compared with about 5 in the of a single-glazed clear window.

The narrowest air gap used in double glazing is 6 mm but this should be avoided unless there is no alternative. The use of wider gaps (10-20 mm) will improve the U-value and the configuration of 5mm glass +12air+5mm glass is the most popular with inexpensive price. In addition to double glazed windows, we also offer triple glass option to reach extraordinary great in performance.

Our double glazing glass and triple glazing glass have passed SGCC (Safety Glazing Certification Council )and IGCC ( Insulating Glass Certification Council) which means they are qualified for the Safety standard for safety glazing used in buildings and safety performance specifications.
Low-e coated glass

Low-e (low emissivity ) glass uses a transparent coating to minimize the amount of heat passing through the glass while still allowing light through. This almost invisible coating reduces the U-value of the glass which measures how well a window prevents non solar heat loss or gain. The lower the U-value, the greater a window’s resistance to heat flow and the better its insulating value. And it is important to design on which side of the glass to coat Low E, different side Low E coated may effect opposite. There are professional engineers in our company who will design on which side of the glass to coat the Low E, and definitely will explain how it will work to reduce the heat transfer.

Window frames

To complement the glazing system, a frame with a low U-value assists in reducing the whole window U-value. Frames that use timber, composite aluminium/timber, or thermal break aluminium,design, outperform standard aluminium windows by providing advanced thermal performance. Timber is the preferred choice to be window frame because of its terrible heat transfer efficient. Our wood cladding aluminium frame is the upgraded frame of timber frame and thermal break aluminium. While timber performs better on energy efficient and cost less, but exterior timber side may rot rot, warp, peel or rust when they are installed in adverse weather condition, in normal weather condition , exterior timber side will last 10-15 years without any damage based on our timber treat technique. Id like to show you Wood cladding aluminium frame , timber part thickness options we offer 68mm(2.67in) 78mm(3.07in), with aluminium cladding thickness is 20mm(0.79in) , this type frame brings elegant wood type looking interior and strong structure exterior. If youd like a window with wood cladding aluminium looking but with less cost, I recommend another type wood cladding aluminium which configured with thinner wood timber interior and thicker thermal break aluminium exterior.

Wood cladding aluminium frame is way heavy than thermal break aluminium frame, and with heavy double or triple glazing glass, the windows requires the hardware strictly. We selected Roto Brand and Truth Brand hardware to ensure the window can be open and close smoothly with less strength.

Good Weather Seals

Hot and cool air can escape or enter a home through gaps and cracks around sashes and frames. Our good window seals are essential to improving energy efficient performance with compression seals, as fitted to whatever casement and awning windows, tended to have superior air infiltration performance.

For all of these above, Our windows performed extraordinary great in air tightness , moisture tightness, wind pressure and U factor , these specifications have been already tested and certified by CE certificate, NAMI certificate is also on the process. So the quality of our windows is not guaranteed by us but also by National Inspection Institute.

Beside the quality of the windows we also offer individualized design like :
(Optional choice of produce technology and out looking)
Open type : H or V
Seamless welding(Nicer looking)
Non finger joint wood(Nicer looking, but expensive)
Wood color
Glass Color
Glass decoration
Powder coating (which is strong)
Grid option( Colonial, Diamond, Prairie, perimeter)
Screen option
Build-in shutter

Even now you have some ideas of our windows ,bu t maybe you still feel a little scary to purchasing overseas. You may worried about the package. Well, purchase huge value customized products like windows is really a brave idea. Our company are very precious of these buyers and will take care of the windows like our own house windows. We designed three layers of the package for each window:
adhesive protective film,
stretchable plastic wrap,

For one batch of windows, there will be durable Non-fumigation plywood crate to pack the windows , which provides good protection and prevents the windows and doors from being damaged during long shipping time. And no customers have complaint on glass breakage so far.

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