Doorwin aluminum shutter window vertical pivot window


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awning shanghai or ningboawning shanghai or ningboawning shanghai or ningbo

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Hardware Germany Origin Made Brand ROTO/SIEGENIA Hardware&Accessories
Glazing IGCC/SGCC Certified Fully Tempered Insulation Glass
Aluminum Profile 1.4mm Thick,The Finest Extruded Aluminum
Sealing System High Quality EPDM or Silicone Sealant
Packing 4-Layers Protection Packaging,to Prevent any Damage
After-Sales Services ≥10 years
Color Custome Made
Size Custome MadeCustome Made
Certificate NFRC Certificate
Wood Species Imported North American Red Oak or Pine(Larch) are Opptional

When we look at the whole window, around 85% area is Glass. That means the performance of window almost depends on the glass units. For all our windows and doors exported to North America, Dual Panes must be Tempered Glass for better protection of people’s safety. The SGCC and IGCC certified glass units is the basic configuration,
For many U.S. climates, we recommend that Low-e Insulating Glass filled with Argon, since the unique Low-E technology delivers balanced insulation for cold winters and hot summers.
For very hot, sunny climates, the glass should allow in visible light and provide a clear view, while helps to block the heat of the sun.
For cold climates – like northern U.S. and Canada, the glass should allow the sun’s heat to flow in and warm your home, while provides excellent insulation from the cold.
Therefore, I would like to know where your project is, after we check the building code, so that our team could provide a suitable configuration of glass. Definitely, by updating some options, such as mentioned the warm edge spacer, ultimate Low-E glass, and so on, there is no problem for us to make any windows as you require. All these parameters could guarantee that the windows could pass the inspections and get approval.

Company Information

DOORWIN GROUP is a major Chinese manufacturer, supplying high performance timber windows, alu-clad timber windows and timber doors for large- and small-scale social housing projects in China. These products are highly sought for energy efficiency, longevity and low maintenance.
Our products are manufactured in 3 wholly owned manufacturing plants across China, large state of the art factories, sufficient to supply the largest projects, whilst remaining competitive.




awning shanghai or ningbo awning shanghai or ningbo


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awning shanghai or ningbo

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