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Product Description

new door window designnew door window designnew door window designnew door window designWood clad aluminum german front doors are advanced doors with high performance.Wood windows rank at the top in energy efficiency, but they might rot and warp as time moves on, however, with aluminum exterior cladding, it is well-protected. Quality oak from North America is carefully selected before manufacturing. We use the finest extruded aluminum with thickness up to 1.4mm to provide good strength. Aluminum color options are all available in 250 RAL colors


new door window design


Please allow me the privilege of making your acquaintance.  My name is Vincent and I represent Doorwin Group, a China Manufacturer and Direct Distributor of Premium Windows and Doors.  Our product has been evaluated in full compliance with NFRC requirements to the standards.

With a factory area of 20,000m2 and production capacity of 100,000m2/year, Doorwin Group has the scale to ensure timely delivery and the flexibility to reduce manufacturing lead times to as little as 18 DAYs!

If you’re interested in gaining a Competitive advantage by having access to Beautiful, Premium Quality, High-Performance Windows and Doors at a Price Point accessible to all. We are able to finalize an urgent project within 18 days.

Doorwin is your best choice!


new door window design


new door window design


new door window design

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