USA Design Aluminum Outward Opening Casement Window – China Hinged Aluminium Door, Outward Casement Window


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USA Design Aluminum Outward Opening Casement Window

DW-Aluminium Casement Window

Aluminum Alloy


Aluminum Alloy







2100mm High by 900mm Wide

DW-Aluminium Casement Window

Wooden Crate+Air Bubble Film+Paper Angle Protector

Good Soundproof, Heat Insulation, Dust-Proof.

Beijing China(Mainland)


Doorwin-Aluminium Door and Casement Window Qualified Supplier

High quality with competitive prices and sincere after-sale services

Doorwin Aluminium Door and Casement Window feature good water&air tightness, energy saving, secure and weather-proof, easy installation.

Here is some detail information about our Aluminium Door and Casement Window:
1. Profile:
Aluminium alloy, Alu6063, thermal break and aluminum profile with wood surface is also a great option for the clients.

2. Profile thickness:
2.0mm, and thickness bigger than 2.0mm is avaiblable.

3. Surface treatment:
Anodized, Electrophoresis, Powder coated.

4. Glazing:
A. Single glass: 5mm/ 6mm/ 8mm (normal/ tempered glass)
B. Double glazing: 5mm+ 6mm/ 9mm/ 12mm(argon gas) +5mm-low e glass
C. Laminated glass: 5mm+ 0.38/ 0.76/ 1.52PVB+5mm
D. Coated glass

5. Hardware:
Both German and China hardwares are available.

6. Performance Parameters:
Sound insulation: RW≥ 28dB
Wind pressure resistance: P≥ 5000PA
Air permeation resistance: Q1≤ 0.5m3/m@h, Q2≤ M3/m2@h
Water resistance: P≥ 500PA
U value 1.86 Watt / m2 Kelvin (tested)

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