Wood Aluminum Replacement Windows, Best Quality Wood Aluminum Windows with Double Glazed Glass – China High Class Wood Alu Window, Alu Wood Window


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Wood Aluminum Replacement Windows, Best Quality Wood Aluminum Windows with Double Glazed Glass

DW-Wood Alu Windows

Aluminum Wood Composite Window


Customer Made

Exterior Window


European Style

Heat Insulation, Soundproof, Anti-Theft, Dust-proof, Airproof, Insect-proof


GB/T 50378-2006

GB/T 8479-2003

DW-Wood Alu Window

Wooden Crate+Air Bubble Film+Paper Angle Protector

Heat insulation, Insect proof, Sound proof

Beijing China(Mainland)


Doorwin wood alu windows

Audited supplier for wood alu window

Best wood alu windows factory

Product’s description:

Doorwin’s wood aluminum windows are high performance system that achieves very high thermal values, providing low u-values well below the current building regulation requirements. Comprising the insulating benefits of wood on the inside and the durability of aluminum on the outside. Doorwin’s wood aluminum windows system includes: Inward, outward, tilt&turn and awing windows. All wood aluminum windows are constructed using durable joints on the wood aluminum frames.

Interior: Solid wood or pure wood materials, which offer a pleasant environment, where you can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Exterior: Using the exterior layer of aluminum profile as a means of resisting moisture, pollutants and ultraviolet light from the sun. This prevents the wood window interior from breaking down over time.

Double glazing insulating toughened glass with low-e coated, filled with argon gas. Triple layer glazed laminated glass is available.

The external aluminum is available in anodized, powder coat, and kynar(PVDF) finishes. The internal wood is available in pine wood, teak wood, larch wood, oaken wood and so on, with clear lacquered or water based paint finishes.

Germany origin made.

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